Marbles and Stones from Carrara

Marbles and Stones from Carrara: The Carrara region of Italy is home to the quarries that produce Marbles and Stones from Carrara, a stunning and opulent variety of marble. Its creamy white color and distinctive veining have made it a sought-after material for centuries of artistic and architectural endeavors. The same region continues to use traditional methods to make Carrara Marble today. The first step in quarrying is to remove massive chunks of stone from the mountainside.

  • After that, they bring the blocks to the plant to be slabbed into different thicknesses.
  • The final step before sending the slabs out into the world is polishing and finishing them.
  • Carrara Marble, a classic and timeless stone from Omersa, delivers beauty that will never fade.
  • It is with great pleasure that we provide this high-end material to our clients at a price they can afford.

Calacatta Marble is a stunning Italian marble; you should come see it. Our whole range of services includes the manufacture of tiles, which have distinctive golden V forms.

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